What is High Availability Server in Cloud– Do I Need It?

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High Availability Server in IT is one of the best features that attract users to approach the cloud domain

The cloud can be considered as a conceptual layer on the Internet, which facilitates all software & hardware resources accessible through a well-defined interface. Features like On-demand infrastructure scalability, IT support, Broad network access, Cost-effectiveness, and Resource pooling are some key components of Cloud Computing services for its current popularity.

Amongst all, the High Availability Server is a prominent factor that makes cloud discipline most popular among
businesses. It is the use of fail-proof architecture to keep the server online in any catastrophic situation.

In other words, when a system component fails, it does not cause the abrupt termination of the service provided by that component. The High availability server infrastructure includes ‘n’ number of hosts managed by redundant resources – Load Balances, Firewalls, Router, Power Feeds, Network Paths, UPS for guaranteed system availability.

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Here, we are going to illustrate some basic yet powerful questions on High Availability in cloud computing to make this term more clear to the user.

So whenever they are going to buy any cloud server, they must know about the high availability server as it is important for the business.

Let’s begin!

High Availability Server FAQ’s

Q – What is the meaning of a High Availability Server?

A – General description of High Availability System is the 24*7*365 presence of a system component and functional almost continuously.

Similarly, the High Availability in Cloud Computing means the server needs to be available for the operations and generate efficient outcomes.

In short, there should be no single point of failure. A universal standard of system availability is known as 99.999 %.

Q – What are the benefits of High Availability Infrastructure?

A – Following are the advantages of a highly available server.

  1. Less Downtime
  2. 99.995 % Uptime
  3. Data Security
  4. High-level performance
  5. Server Continuity in any situation

Q – How to achieve High Availability?

A – There is a need to fulfill 3 basic principles to accomplish high availability server infrastructure in the cloud.

  • No single point of failure:- Availability of redundant system so the failure of one component doesn’t mean of the complete system.
  • Crossover:- The resilient systems should facilitate reliable crossover.
  • Failure Detection:- A user will never face downtime, once the above two principles are implemented perfectly. Although, the system maintenance operation is mandatory.

Q – How to calculate the High Availability of a Server?

A – The formula to calculate availability is:-

Availability = Uptime / (Uptime+Downtime)

Q – How to determine if a server has High Availability?

Following components need to be there for a high availability server.

  • Tier 3 or Tier 4 Datacenter
  • Redundant Hardware
  • Redundant Storage
  • Redundant Network
  • Redundant Power Supply
  • Redundant Cyber Security
  • 24/7/365 Support Plan

Q – Why there is a need for High Availability server for my business?

A- No doubt, any form of planned or unplanned downtime can cause consequential losses for your business, including incomplete transaction purchases, inaccessibility to crucial information, and much more. Direct financial losses can be seen as significant, however, the loss of credibility & trust of your customers can create long-term barriers to success & growth.

On the other hand, the main objective of High Availability Server architecture to make online your server, website, or application and can go through the different demand-slope loads and different types of failures with the least possible downtime.

Are Your Business Processes High Availability Server?

It is clear that if you use a server that offers high availability infrastructure, your business suffers fewer service outages problem.

As we mentioned above, a high availability server is an advanced system that is well-versed with redundant resources, such as Power Supplies, RAID disk towers, and backups for ensuring the maximum possible Uptime and full reliability with no single point of failure.

That is why it is important to have a cloud IT infrastructure that offers 99.995 % Uptime.

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