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Cloud Hosting Solutions with NVMe SSDs

Net4Choice Cloud is capable to offer 25X processing speed with the support of powerful NVMe SSDs. We value your time & our NVMe supported servers help you save each & every second with the lightning fast server operations.

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Why NVMe SSDs Are Crucial?

Cloud Hosting solutions ensure minimum latency in comparison with the retro legacy solution available. It helps in providing a balanced user experience to your clients.

What’s NVMe SSD?

NVMe, also known as Non-Volatile Memory Express is a data transfer protocol that is considered to be the fastest for connecting hosts to respective subsystems. This can be defined as a protocol loaded with features for non-volatile memory media attached to the CPU through the PCIe interface. The NVMe protocol is based on strong foundations like high-speed PCIe lanes.

Enhanced User Experience

NVMe SSDs can provide enhanced & lightning-fast response time to your users by minimizing the latency regardless of the complexities involved. In addition, even the vastness of your web applications can not slow these SSDs. It can guarantee fast loading time with minimum latency because of protocols like PCI Express® (PCIe®), RDMA, TCP, etc. This is another towards the future.


Reasons for Selecting NVMe Hosting

We achieve this fast response capability due to the access of high-speed storage media in all forms like U.2, M.2, AIC, and EDSFF through NVMe protocols.

Advanced Architecture

NVMe simply means high-performance architecture. In that, it uses low latency and data pathways that are parallel to the underlying media.

Enjoy Top-Notch Performance

It’s proven to be faster as it supports up to 65,535 I/O queues, each with 65,535 commands.

Better & Fast User Experience

Users can get take benefit of fast loading time & enterprise-grade applications because of these SSDs connected to PCIe. Results in improved functionality.

Non-Volatile Security Benefits

The next-generation non-volatile storage can easily protect your data from various threats. Your data won't be compromised, even after power cuts.

We are Facing Future Proudly

NVMe storage delivers the processing speed required for AI/ML systems. It results in effective AI/ML-based applications that can help us enter the future.

Sustainable & Efficient Solution

SSDs are popular worldwide for their low power consumption. Furthermore, NVMe SSD power savings can reach 97 percent, saving a lot of money.


Know the Prominent Features

Powerful NVMe SSDs offer various features that users can enjoy & increase their productivity.

  • Atomic Writes & Protection Information
  • Dual-port NVMe 1.3c / PCIe 3.1- Compliant Controller
  • Projected MTFB Rating of 2500000 Hours (2.5 million)
  • 1 and 3 DW/D2 System & 96 Layer 3D TLC NAND SSDs
  • TCG Ruby, FIPS 140-2 validation and Instant Security Erase
  • 128 Namespaces, SGL, Various Sector Sizes, NVMe-MI version 1.1
data center
data center


NVMe Hosting Apps & Workload

Explore the diversity & wide range applications that NVMe website hosting offers.

  • Virtualization & Real-Time Analysis
  • High-Performance Computing or HPC
  • Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence
  • Pattern Recognition & Mixed-Use Workloads
  • Online analytical processing [OLAP] Database
  • Online transaction processing [OLTP] Database

Enterprise & Business

NVMe Hosting for your Business

Businesses rely on data. This reliance growing rapidly. The more data your programme can manage, the better output it can produce. NVMe is a high-performance, non-volatile storage technology that allows users to envision the future with ease.

Organizations are rapidly opting for these NVMe SSDs based on their features & are getting results better than their expectations. A majority of businesses are satisfied & happily continuing their services in this scenario.

customer base
customer base

Crux of the Matter

Core Technology Behind NVMe

NVMe SSDs support up to 65,535 I/O queues, each with 65,535 commands. Whereas, SATA and legacy SAS protocols allow only single queues with 32 and 254 items, respectively.

Based on the estimated demand and system settings, site owners can set up the maximum number of queues via the NVMe controllers as per their needs.

Performance Oriented

PCIe Form Factor for High Performance

We at Net4Choice Cloud offer PCIe form factor NVMe storage solutions to our partners. These are high-performance and long-term storage solutions that perform conventional connectivity beyond limits in terms of value, speed, and endurance.

These are best suited for enterprises with high-stakes environments and offer excellent scope for scalability. Organizations have observed a massive boost in their performance after switching to NVMe.

customer base

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