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Deploy cloud computing projects in seconds with the leading Cloud engineers from across the world with us. Net4Choice cloud computing is so far the best that other service providers can't provide. Get the best Virtual Server Hosting at nominal prices.

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N4C Cloud Computing Help Businesses Unleash Full Potential

Personalized Server Environment

With Net4Choice, you get the privilege of writing your own codes and rest we manage the installation & configuration for you.

Custom Made Servers to Scale Your Apps

We offer Tailor-made solutions, in which you can scale up your resources according to your needs and then pay respectively.

Secured Development

With us, you have the supremacy to create snapshots of your cloud servers and you can further customize RAM, CPU, HDD, etc. in a few clicks.

Our Speciality

Our Cloud Servers Offer World-Class Benefits

Our Exclusive Toolbox will Care After your Cloud Server in Every Way Possible.


We constantly monitor traffic on your server & instantly rectify if any suspicious activities show up. We further report and ensure all the respective security measures.


We guarantee for two-way firewall, cloud deployed network devices, built to mitigate suspicious access to your networks. Thus, assure highest business uptime.


At Net4Choice cloud computing, you can create snapshots of your live cloud server, & can utilize our server to backup your environment in real-time easily.


You have the ability to hyper scale your apps according to your specific needs. In addition, with just one credential, you can easily connect their entire infrastructure.

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Affordable Storage: With our reasonable prices, no need to worry about short storage. At $0.10/month, add storage space to your cloud server whenever your apps needs it.

Load Balancers: We're aware of the possibility for problems & outages during peak traffic periods. But, you will never face downtime, as it distributes traffic for smooth loading.

Wide Range: Distribute and migrate data in bulk, and rapidly arrange additional storage space. Also, access data in a variety of formats, including the most organized formats.

Floating IPs: You get IP address allocation between multiple identically configured physical or virtual servers using floating IP addresses, keeping apps always connected.


Know All the Available Packages We Offer to Our Clients


Our basic yet enhanced cloud server package should provide you with more than enough resources to get you started.


The most popular package, featuring dedicated CPU & enough power to meet needs of most small & medium-sized organizations.


One of the Most Used Package, runs on a powerful CPU with 2GB of RAM allocated to each core for improved performance.


With each core having an 8GB memory, this cloud server package is specifically built for high-memory workloads.


Best Suitable for Low-traffic Servers, Blogs, Forums, Small Databases, Microservices, and Repository Hosting requiremets.


Especially for e-commerce websites & SAAS applications, which requires high-traffic servers and average-sized databases.


Machine learning and batch processing applications that require faster CPU processing are highly recommended for this package.


Apps requiring a lot of memory, such as High-Performance Databases and true large data processing.

Loaded Features

Features that you Might Really Dig Into

99.95% SLA Uptime

With a 99.95 percent SLA uptime guarantee, we take care of server uptime and monitor 24*7. So that, you can stay in touch with your Apps & customers.


With modern IPv4 offerings, you can easily set up droplets, and further you can experience the security and reliability of internet protocol functions.

Isolated Networking

Experience the real private realms and groups and remain isolated from the real world in the unmatched way possible.

Enterprise Level HDD/SSD

Our enterprise level HDD/SSD storage offers the best in class content delivery and speed. You get a chance to stay tuned using ultra-modern technologies.

One-Click Bundles Deployment

Deploy unlimited cloud servers based on your requirements. Moreover, modify & configure your desired Operating System environments inside one cloud.


Configure, manage & control your domain name server with every aspect of your cloud along with the website & their multiple authoritative name server instances.