Cloud Templates
Like Never Before

Select best suited templates from available options that N4C offers to thier clients. Our templates provide users with a simplified user-interface that results in better outcome.


N4C for Cloud Server Templates

Simplified UI

Choose the template that perfectly matches your needs. Install your choice of operating system, and your cloud server will be up and running in minimum time without any delay. Users can create as many instances as they require, with various configurations available.

Perfect Solutions

Build a cloud server with your preferred templates, following the exact same configurations that are required to test these applications. Hyper Virtualization can preserve all prior instances & your machine’s performance won’t be affected by the launch of any cloud server. We ensure our clients that whatever we say, we do it with total perfection & we mean it.

Security & Compliance

Built for developers

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Why Custom Templates?

Know How Does Cloud Templates Help?

Customized cloud templates help in optimum resource utilization. It results in increased efficiency as well as effective results.

If your application is able to adapt to the dynamic changes in the technological world, its success can be assured. So does the case is with humans. We just need to know the skill to adapt. Our servers are sufficient enough to adapt quickly to the challenges & create respective solutions for them. Sensing risks from miles away is a simple task here.

Users can change cloud server setup and configure it to varying application requirements using Net4Choice cloud. All cloud server instances are totally reconfigurable. It allows for resource scaling up and down for different types of workloads.